Independent Exhibitor Network

Independent Exhibitor Network

Brings together the best of UK independent exhibition and delivers over 17 millionad impressions per month.

The network allows distributor advertisers to increase awareness at point of ticket purchase with ads that link directly to booking. It also gives film interested brands access to a quality committed cinema audience.

We represent over 120 cinemas from circuits like EmpireMerlinScottReelPicturedromeWTWSavoy and The Light to individual cinemas, for example, large urban powerhouses such as AMC Manchester and Odyssey Belfastthrough to smaller community venues like The Rex Elland and Oban Phoenix.

Distributor Campaigns – media plus added value

We fully understand the difficulties in reaching the fragmented independent exhibition sector. We, however, are in constant contact with our cinemas so we are in a position to negotiate many added-value features such as free newsletter inclusions, editorial coverage and featured trailers in addition to low-cost but highly-targeted ad campaigns.

Onscreen Independent Cinema Magazine

We work closely with Onscreen magazine which covers many of the same cinemas so you can get your ads into print as well as online.

The leading film magazine for independent cinema. Published bi-monthly. Print run 120,000 per issue. 80+ cinemas covered. Please ask for full list. Prefential rates when booking OnScreen and The Film Cooperative Network together.

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